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Achieve your goals by relying on our expert guidance and skillset. With our 3D printing services and tools we can help refine, build, and bring to life your design. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. 


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At PolyX3D, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality CAD design, scanning, and 3D printing. From CAD design to prototyping to small-scale manufacturing, you can depend on our team to provide exceptional solutions. We offer unique materials and cutting-edge technology, ranging from complex geometrical shapes with a high degree of precision to large print formats. Our work is cost effective with a rapid turnaround.

Large format printing

Our 3D Platform printer accommodates your large format printing needs; Ideal for products and designs up to one meter by one meter.

precision printing

The Stratasys F370  printer is known for accurately producing complex shapes, which allows the product to be strong, delicate, or a combination of both. 

High detail printing

Our SLA printers are able to produce highly intricate prototypes and parts while providing an affordable option. 


We offer 3D scanning at our office or onsite scanning at your location. We can scan large or small items with very few limitations. 

3D Printing: From Your Mind to Reality​


How does it work?

3D printing builds one layer at a time from metal, plastics, and other materials. This process focuses on transforming a digital image of a product into a physical representation. The cycle consists of the following steps:

We accept computer-aided design (CAD) files that are ready to print, or you may request a design from our engineering staff. We also offer reverse engineering by scanning and recreating an object into a 3D model. This allows for modifications to be made from its’ original version.  

Once we have reviewed your CAD files, we are able to determine a cost, provide a free quote, and begin printing! While there are designs that require longer preparation time, we assure an expeditious process. 

Once your products are printed, they are packaged securely and ready to go! Your product can be delivered nationwide or picked up at our location. 


3D printing is used in a number of different industries for various applications.

The oil and gas industry is known for using complex machinery to keep up with environmental regulations and adequate performance. As a result, 3D printing has become an effective alternative for producing equipment parts. Through rapid prototyping methods, we are able to quickly design and make changes to the complexity of these shapes.

Our additive manufacturing technologies help reduce the number of parts needed for the oil and gas industry machinery, which makes assembly and use turn out to be much, much easier. At Polyx3D, we’re able to assist with design and printing of pumps, valves, and other important components that will enhance performance of your products.

Another industry we gladly provide services for is water well and valve. Valves have many functional uses for water welling, making it very important to provide meticulous focus on every individual component. Through our 3D printing and scanning methodologies, we can create different size and shape valves for a variety of uses.

The aerospace industry has become one of the biggest users of 3D printing. This is due to the fast production, cost reduction and innovative design capabilities that come with the process. Polyx3D has had the opportunity to work hand in hand with aerospace companies to produce designs through our additive manufacturing technologies. Through our method, we’re able to produce different types of parts such as liquid and fuel tanks, wind tunnels, ducting systems and surrogate sections.

You might be surprised to learn about the amazing capabilities of using 3D printing in construction. Our printing software has the ability to build a wide array of structures, including elements for houses, apartments, offices and more! Switching to 3D printing methods for your home and commercial construction needs is a great way to increase the speed and efficiency of your process, as well as reduce the amount of waste produced. Additionally, the innovative design features including in our manufacturing technique allows for a low-cost alternative that generates amazing end products.

Contact us to learn more about other industries we could potentially work with! Although not our primary focus, in the past, we have designed sports and fishing equipment as well as automotive parts.